All data is snapshotted on an hourly basis back to its inception. (for collections with valuation)

  • NFTi Market Cap
  • AF Market Cap
  • Floor
  • Listed for Sale (Count)
  • Unique Owners (Count)
  • Sale Volume
  • Rank (by NFTi Market Cap)
  • Collection Activity
  • NFTs (Count)
  • Traits (with rarity, floor, % for sale, and last sale)
  • Custom Traits


All data is stored daily (24 hours).

  • NFTi Valuation
  • AF Valuation
  • Last Sale
  • Top Sale
  • Total Sales
  • Total Unique Owners
  • Hold Time (by the current owner)
  • Traits (with trait floor and rarity)
  • Token Rarity
  • Token Activity
  • Current Owner


Reflecting the current state of the wallet.

  • NFTi Valuation of Portfolio
  • AF Valuation of Portfolio
  • NFTs (Count)
  • Unique Collections (Count)
  • Activity
  • Realized P&L
  • Unrealized P&L
  • Buy/Sale Volume
  • Buy/Sale Count
  • Cost ETH
  • Balance ETH


NFTiOur ML valuation
Stored in ETH and USD (at the time)
Adjusted Floor (AF)Our floor-based valuation
Stored in ETH and USD (at the time)
ActivityRefers to any activity performed on the specific collection/token/wallet.

Activity types supported:
Mint, Transfer, Contract Tx, Sale, Airdrop, Listing, Listing Cancellation, Burn, Approval, Disapproval, Trade, Bid, BId Withdrawn, Auction, Auction Cancelled